The 30 Tips of Dignity & Respect

Every day, you wake up with a choice. When you leave your home to go out into the world, you can either operate on autopilot – reacting haphazardly to interactions with others, or avoiding them altogether – or you can be mindful of your behavior and how it’s affecting other people.

Each one of us makes this choice every day – many times a day – though we may not consciously know it. But what if you started paying attention to your habits and committed to treating everyone you encounter with dignity and respect?

This is what the 30 Tips of Dignity & Respect aims to do. These simple tips are everyday behaviors that you can easily incorporate into your life – that will make a world of difference to those around you.


So read the list and follow the tips, and learn how to start making the world a better place for ALL to live:

  1. Start with you. Reflect on how you see others, and how others see you.
  2. Sweat the small stuff. It’s often the small things, such as being kind and courteous, that make a difference.
  3. Smile. A smile can be contagious.
  4. Say “Hello.” You could make someone’s day.
  5. Say “Thank you.” Gratitude is a gift that’s never too small to give.
  6. Treat others the way they want to be treated. Find out what respect means to others.
  7. Build cultural awareness. Differences are barriers only if we allow them to be.
  8. Make a new friend. Start a conversation and learn something new.
  9. Demonstrate mutual respect. Inclusion means being respectful regardless of position or title.
  10. Ask. It’s okay to ask when you’re not sure.
  11. Find common ground. Discover what you have in common.
  12. Communicate respectfully. It’s not just what you say, but how you say it.
  13. Practice patience. Take the time to get the full story.
  14. Seek understanding. It’s better to not fully understand than to fully misunderstand.
  15. Share your point of view. Everyone has a perspective. Let others benefit from yours.
  16. Get someone else’s point of view. After sharing your perspective, give others a chance to share theirs.
  17. Reinvent the wheel. Do something that hasn’t already been done.
  18. Be open. Try to experience new thoughts and ideas as learning opportunities.
  19. Be flexible. Things don’t always go as planned. Adapt to changing conditions when necessary.
  20. Join the team. Do your part to support teamwork.
  21. Be a relationship builder. Seek ways to expand your network.
  22. Build trust. Be fair. Limit bias and favoritism.
  23. Lead the way. Let your inclusive behavior light a path for others.
  24. Listen. People feel respected when they know you’re listening to their point of view.
  25. Remember we all make mistakes. Resist the urge to point out the ones others make.
  26. Do the right thing. Make a difference. Get caught being good.
  27. Become a mentor. You – yes, you – can help others realize their potential.
  28. Lend a hand. A little help can go a long way.
  29. Live a healthy life. Do something good for your mind, body, & soul. Encourage others to join you.
  30. Be a champion of dignity and respect. Demonstrate respect for self, others, and your community.



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