Take Five: Request a D&R Month Proclamation

Request a D&R Proclamation. Create visibility about your city’s or county’s commitment to dignity and respect by submitting a proclamation. Consider your proclamation request an opportunity to identify yourself as a citizen committed to the principles of dignity and respect for your community. 

1. Contact a local city and council elected official to request a proclamation.
2. Create your D&R Proclamation request using our downloadable templates available here: https://www.dignityandrespect.org/take5_proclamation.php
o   Draft a cover letter.
o   Include draft of 2012 D&R Proclamation.
o   Include supporting materials such as our 30 Tips Brochure and other Proclamations
3. Mail or hand deliver your cover letter, draft Proclamation and supporting materials. 
4. Once signed, pick up the Proclamation in person – that way, it can’t be damaged or lost in the mail and you can personally thank the person who helped you out – you may want to do this again. 
5. Submit proclamation to campaignmanager@dignityandrespect.org

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