Campaign Toolkit

icon_toolboxMost communities or organizations begin their D&R Journey with a D&R Toolkit, which provides everything you need to launch you own internal Campaign.
The D&R Toolkit can be supplemented with D&R Workshops for leaders, managers, and staff focused on 7 Pillars.  D&R Initiatives are available online to support your ongoing efforts and reinforce the concepts of dignity and respect. You can purchase items for your launch event, employee and community programs, or department activities in the D&R Store

D&R Toolkit Includes:


  • Customizable overview presentation for kick-off meetings
  • Ideas for launching your internal initiative
  • Suggested guidelines to conduct a D&R Focus Group on promoting a culture of dignity and respect
  • D&R Index Survey questions for pre-and-post assessment of the organization’s culture
  • Suggested framework for D&R Champion recognition program


  • 30 Tips and 7 Pillars


  • 30 Tips Animated Video

Cost: $2,500

Interested in ordering a Dignity & Respect Toolkit?

To learn more about the D&R Solutions, please contact the Dignity & Respect Campaign Manager