Prevent Bullying


Bullying at School

Over 3.2 millions students are victims of bullying each year.

Bullying in the Workplace

72% of the adult America public is familiar with instances of workplace bullying.

Bullying on the Field

40 to 50% of student athletes have experienced anything from mild harassment to severe abuse in their sport of choice.


Bullying happens whenever someone feels they don’t have the power to stop verbal or physical abuse happening to them.   

Bullying is caused by a lack of respect not only by the bully, but also by anyone who sees or knows about it and remains silent.  That silence contributes to the continuation—and possibly the increase—in harassment.

The effects of bullying can include absences at school or work, a decline in grades, job loss, and long-lasting impact on physical or mental health.  What can we do to prevent bullying?

Respect is the answer. Everyone believes they should be treated with respect.  Each of us can take the first step of treating others with the respect they deserve—at home, in our schools and workplaces, and in our communities.



You can get involved and do your part.  How?

  1. CHAMPION bullying prevention by turning your words into good deeds.  Get involved!
  1. ADVOCATE to stop bullying.  Learn the facts and speak up!

DONATE your time, money, or goods to the cause of bullying prevention.  Volunteer, attend, or support national or local efforts.  Make it count!


Do Your Part, Prevent Bullying

For more information about how you can bring the Dignity & Respect/Best of the Batch Foundation program project to your school or sports team, contact the Dignity & Respect Campaign at xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

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  1. Prevent BULLYING! Teach ALL young men how to fight. If everyone knew how to fight (girls excluded, or included if they like) there would be no bullying.

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