New Year, New Energy, and New Focus for D&R

The entrance of a new year has long since been used by individuals as a way to reboot their lifestyles and goals and begin to live more consciously. Western culture traditionally has people compiling lists of resolutions that will help them prioritize and seek goals centered around their health, wellness, productivity, and overall happiness. People use this change in the calendar as a blank slate – as a way to revisit intentions and revitalize or repurpose them.

Just as individuals feel the need to evaluate themselves and reshape their objectives come January 1st, so do organizations. This is why we, the Dignity & Respect Campaign, are thrilled to announce our plans to relaunch this month and roll out exciting new ideas for the coming year and beyond.

The Dignity & Respect Campaign began as an internal initiative within a larger corporation and has since grown into a separate entity that is now recognized as a national campaign.

This campaign is based upon 30 Tips to inspire and promote dignity and respect. There are also 7 Pillars that help to reinforce these tips, as well as specialized initiatives and areas of focus that support the campaign. The D&R organization also delivers specialized programs, educational and training resources, as well as communication tools to advance our mission.

What we are proud to showcase in the new year is our commitment to intersectionality and cultural awareness. We want to illustrate what dignity and respect represents at its core – which is the intersection between “I want dignity and respect” and “I treat others with dignity and respect.”

As Candi Castleberry Singleton, our Founder and Chair, will tell you: “We are laser-focused on making our world a better place for all to live, work, learn, and play with all of our differences.”

We hope that you will join our efforts and encourage others to join as well. Let’s create safe spaces to learn about and accept others. Let’s get involved. Let’s treat everyone with the dignity and respect we all want and deserve.

As Candi says, “Let’s remember this: differences are only barriers when we allow them to be.”