Lend a Hand This Holiday Season

  One of the most beneficial and rewarding aspects of the Dignity & Respect Campaign is centered around Tip 29: Lend a Hand.  Whether it’s volunteering at a food shelter, helping a neighbor rake leaves or shovel snow,  or even donating clothing you don’t wear, it is usually the little things you do that can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Below are some examples of how you can lend a hand. If you have any ideas or personal success stories about lending a hand in your community, share them with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages!
Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway – Steeler Nation Joins Dignity & Respect Campaign to Help Families in Need Celebrate Thanksgiving  > Learn More
Clean-up Drives – Throughout the year, local Dignity & Respect Councils are involved in organized clean-up drives through community. Start a clean-up drive your community!
Donation Days or Days of Service – The Dignity & Respect Campaign encourages collaborations with United Way, schools, food banks, faith-based organizations, and community organizations. Participate in an existing day of service, collect some canned goods or gently worn items, select an organization, gather a few friends or colleagues, and lend a hand to an organization that needs you.

Holiday Drives – Partner with a shelter to donate food, gifts, or time. Bring others some holiday cheer this season!

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