Ready to Do Your Part?

Do Your Part is about each of us contributing to making our world a better place for ALL as an individual, organization, community, or school.  Our initiatives and communication tools promote respect for self, others, and the community.


Do you want to treat others with dignity and respect enough to learn something new?

  • Build Cultural Awareness topics help us learn about others to better relate to people different from us. Differences are barriers only when we allow them to be. Do your part to improve interactions with others.






Do you believe in dignity and respect enough to take action to support others?

  • Stop The Violence and Prevent Bullying focus is intended to raise awareness about global, national, local issues facing our communities and workplaces, as well as offer actions we can take support others.  Do your part to stop violence and prevent bullying.

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Do you want to know what others are doing to promote dignity and respect?

  • Lead The Way is our approach at highlighting initiatives or actions others are taking to promote dignity and respect across geographies, communities, and industries as a reminder that there is good in people, communities, and the world.  Do your part by leading the way and sharing how you and others are making our world a better place for ALL to live—with ALL of our differences.