How Will You Lend a Hand?

The Dignity & Respect Campaign hopes you had a great Thanksgiving and wishes you the very best holiday season!  As we approach the winter holidays, giving back is on our minds.  How have you lent a hand to someone in need?  We want to be inspired by your ideas.  If you have a great story on how you helped someone out or how pitching in impacted your community, now is the time to share it with the world and encourage others to lend a hand for the holidays.How are you planning to give back this holiday season?  If you are planning a food drive, hosting a charity event, or cheering up a relative in a nursing home, tell us about it!  If you have an inventive way to spread Dignity & Respect during the holidays, let us know.   Share your ideas on how to lend a hand this holiday season and you may inspire others to do the same.  Share your stories with us on our Facebook wall and let’s make this the season of giving back!

One thought on “How Will You Lend a Hand?

  1. First and formost, everyone is treated with respect. I have been involved with the Kingian Nonviolence Legacy Project which is committed to building the Beloved Community across our country and the world.

    Our church has a program called Food4Life giving groceries to our community. Not just at Christmas, but every month.

    Instead of giving stuff for Christmas, I give through World Vision Ark and/or Heifer International, in my families names.

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