Have You Taken the Pledge?

 October is Dignity & Respect Month.  All month long, we want all our fans and followers to help us spread a message of Dignity & Respect.  Help us reach our goal of reaching 50,000 Facebook Fans by sharing our Dignity & Respect pledge with your friends, coworkers, and family. 
Do you believe that all people deserve Dignity & Respect?  Do you believe that Dignity & Respect is the first step towards inclusion?  If so, signing our pledge is so easy:
1.        Just by becoming a Fan of our Facebook Page, your voice becomes part of a chorus of supporters of Dignity & Respect.  Share our page with you Facebook Fans and get the word out!
2.       Send a message with our Animal App and you can cheer up you friends while spreading awareness of Dignity & Respect. 
3.       Sign the pledge directly on our website!  Why not get your coworkers to sign the pledge around the lunch table?  Just log in and add your name to our supporters!
4.       Send us a direct message to @DRCampaign via Twitter.  Just tell us you will treat everyone with Dignity & Respect and let your voice be heard!  5.    Just text RESPECT to 313131
So what are you waiting for?  Become a supporter of Dignity & Respect today.  It is just that easy! 

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