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The Initiative

Our Find Common Ground Initiative facilitates finding the “&” on a particular topic rather than limiting ourselves to a single perspective.  Finding common ground is about looking for points of agreement rather than disengaging at points of disagreement. Monthly, we select a timely topic to help us develop new points of view and enhance our interactions with others.  Viewpoints will provide video links and articles of different perspectives to create awareness and encourage discussions.  Follow #Viewpoints on social media. #FindCommonGround

  1. Share your point of view—Communicate respectfully.
  2. Get another point of view—Listen.
  3. Co-create solutions— Create shared outcomes.

June 2016 Find Common Ground Topic: Bullying of LGBT Students

News stories occur much too frequently about the most recent instance of LGBT bullying in a school. What’s the solution?  Is a high school predominantly for LGBT students the answer? How should we, as a society, address the issue of LGBT-student bullying?


The 2013 National School Climate Survey

Alliance School Profile

The Harvey Milk School – Education for the Real World

Private School for LGBT Students to Open in Atlanta

Debate continues over proposed LGBT school policies


US News article: Gay High Schools Offer a Haven From Bullies

New Statesman column: Is an LGBT school a good idea?

Daily Mail story: Britain’s first gay school: Youth group unveils controversial plan to help bullied LGBT pupils in Manchester

Urban Milwaukee article: Alliance School is a National Trend-Setter

Christian Post story: NYC’s Harvey Milk School for LGBT Students Struggles to Maintain Enrollment Numbers


LGBT Terms

From Human Rights Campaign:

From UC Berkeley:

GLAD Media Reference Guide – 9th Edition


What is your point of view?

What is another point of view?

How can you co-create a solution between the two points-of-view?

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