Dignity & Respect Tip #1: Sweat the Small Stuff

It is often the small things such as being kind and courteous that make a difference. We all lead very busy lives and sometimes in the hustle and bustle of everyday life we can easily forget how even our smallest actions impact the lives of others. Take time today to examine how you treat everyone you meet. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Drop a hand-written card in the mail to give someone an encouraging word.

2. Shovel snow for an older couple down the street.

3. Call a friend going through a difficult period to show your support.

4. Send a client something special that made you think of him or her.

5. Invite a friend to dinner and plan an evening with his/her interest in mind.

6. If you are a parent, plan a special day with your kids, but don’t tell them.

7. Offer to take a co-worker (who is not close to you) to lunch and buy it.

8. Pay the toll for the person following you and tell the gate attendant to communicate your brief message.

9. Stop by the hospital to visit a friend.

10. Cut the grass for a neighbor who is overwhelmed at work.

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