What is D&R?

Here’s how it works: Every day we have the opportunity to test our commitment to dignity and respect through our behavior. The Campaign helps individuals and organizations reinforce their commitment to creating environments for ALL to work, live, learn, and play—with ALL of our differences.

3 Stages of Getting Started


Take The Pledge

Become one of hundreds of thousands who have taken the first step on the Dignity & Respect Journey. By taking the Pledge, you acknowledge your intention to make the world a better place by treating everyone with dignity and respect.

Take the Pledge


Practice the Tips

The 30 Tips of Dignity & Respect are the second step on your journey. It’s often easier to be respectful toward those we know. The 30 Tips are everyday behaviors that demonstrate your commitment to treating everyone with dignity and respect.

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Model the Pillars

The 7 Pillars of Dignity & Respect are behaviors for individuals, teams, and organizations that build on the 30 Tips of Dignity & Respect. The 7 Pillars is a comprehensive training program offered either as web-based training, facilitated workshops, or both.

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Dr. Maya Angelou was the Inaugural Dignity & Respect National Champion in 2012