April Dignity & Respect Champion: Dr. Magi Berger


Congratulations to Dr. Magi Berger, April’s Dignity & Respect Champion! Every morning at Clairton Elementary, students listen to five of their peers state over the loud speaker how they are going to practice dignity and respect that day. After just one year as principal, Dr. Magi Berger has instilled the values of inclusion into the school, and they are reflected all day, every day.

“From bully behavior, to poverty, to abuse and neglect, and many other trials that life is full of for our students, it becomes even more important to role-model dignity and respect. We as educators are positioned to influence so many lives. Each time we take such opportunity we are that much more likely to be the special person in their lives that they remember long after schooling. We may be that voice in their minds pushing them toward greatness or helping them make it to college, trade school, or beyond,” said Dr. Berger.

As a resident of the North Hills, Dr. Berger came to Clairton Elementary after working at Pittsburgh Public Schools. Since becoming principal, Dr. Berger, staff, and faculty have adopted “Dignity & Respect for Everyone and Everything” as the school’s theme, and promote it on report cards and newsletters. Through contests and ceremonies the students are rewarded for good behavior and grades with cupcake parties and t-shirts.

Recognizing the significance of simple acts of kindness, Dr. Berger offers a helping hand whenever she sees the opportunity. She believes that these actions begin with an individual and extends to others as a pay-it-forward deed.  

Dr. Berger feels that if everyone showed value and recognition toward each other, we can bring communities together, resulting in a more vibrant and positive home for everyone.

Do you know an individual who makes a positive impact and promotes an environment of inclusion? If so, nominate the person in your life you feel has made a difference for the Dignity & Respect Champion Award!

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