The Dignity & Respect Campaign is a grassroots initiative to support communities, organizations, youth programs, schools, and sports teams in making our world a better place for ALL to live—with ALL of our differences.



We want to live in communities where we (and our families) are treated in a respectful manner, from the businesses we patronize to our daily interactions with others. We also promote giving back to those less fortunate, helping others experience dignity and respect.



We want to work in organizations with a commitment to treating others with dignity and respect, regardless of position, level or title, including employees, customers, and the communities served by the organization.



We want our children to participate in youth programs and attend schools where they are treated with dignity and respect. We also want them to be free of bullying, stereotyping, and from the threat of violence.



We want to play sports; we also want our children to play sports where dignity and respect for others are foundation build blocks both on and off the field.