A Special Holiday Thank You to Those That Lend a Hand!

Everyone needs help now and again.  We’ve all been there.  And when someone helps us out, it can mean the world.  It fills us with hope and inspires us to be better people in return.  This holiday season, let us celebrate selflessness and altruism by being grateful to all the helpers in our lives.  If someone lent a hand to you this year, now is the perfect time to say Thank You!

The Dignity & Respect Campaign invites you to post your stories about how someone lent a hand to you made all the difference.  This is your opportunity to thank those special people in your life and encourage our Fans and Followers to reach out and Lend a Hand this holiday season.  The smallest act of kindness just like the largest act of philanthropy, can change lives.  Have you ever received a greeting card or kind voicemail on the very day you needed a pick-me-up the most?  Maybe someone cooked you a meal without even knowing times were tough.  Or maybe you have a secret benefactor whose anonymous help changed your prospects and your attitude.  Whatever your story, large or small, share it with us!  Warm hearts by sharing your gratitude with us this holiday season.  Share your stories with us on our Facebook wall and remember Dignity & Respect Tip #5: Say Thank You!

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