3 Helpful Tips for How to Get Involved

Humans have lived within communities from the very beginning of our existence. Social interaction dates back to as early as hunter-gatherer societies – when people relied on one another for survival. Even today, communal living is very much linked to a person’s well-being and happiness, which is why we feel the need to belong to a community.

It’s probably no secret that communities thrive when its members contribute to building and maintaining them. When members focus on the collective success of the populace, there is a better chance that each individual will also prosper.

This is why one of the focuses of the Dignity & Respect Campaign is to Get Involved. When you are able to contribute to and give back to your community, not only will you feel a sense of reward, but you will also help to sustain that community. There are many options for ways to get involved in your area – no matter where you live. You could reach out to your local hospital or library, for instance, or to nearby youth organizations, rehabilitation centers, or retirement homes. The choices go on and on, which is why we’ve developed a few helpful pointers on where to start if you are looking to reach out and help:

  1. Determine what your passion is and what you can offer. If you are a person who adores reading, then it would make sense for you to check out volunteer options at your local library. If you love to be around children, then search for ways to work with the younger population. Whatever it is that generates energy and enthusiasm in yourself, start there. It doesn’t make sense to force yourself to partake in activities or responsibilities that don’t excite you – particularly since these efforts will most likely not be compensated. Once you’ve decided what your area of focus is, assess what skills you can bring to the table. Are you good with computers or bookkeeping? Can you provide physical labor? Accept and understand your capabilities before you start your researching opportunities.
  2. Research to find a good placement. If you’re looking to get involved, understand that it might take some time before you find the right opportunity. Depending on your skill sets, your interests, and your time commitment, it might be awhile before you find a good fit. This is perfectly okay. It’s better that you take time to find something suitable and interesting than if you were to take on a project you’re not committed to.
  3. Serve. When you find a good opportunity, commit to it. If you promise a certain amount of hours, uphold that commitment. There will likely be people counting on you to help; so if you say you’re going to do something, do it. Many of the organizations or facilities that will need your help tend to be understaffed as it is, so they could suffer if they have to deal with volunteers who bail out. Always make sure to communicate with your point of contact.

Remember, there are lots of options and good resources for choosing a good fit when it comes to getting involved. Even if you simply research a reputable and charitable organization to donate to, you will make a huge difference in the lives of others. Make sure you are doing your part and giving as much back to your community as you take from it.

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