About The Campaign


The mission of the Dignity & Respect Campaign is to make our world a better place for ALL to live–with ALL of our differences. We encourage individuals, organizations, communities, schools, youth programs, and sports teams to treat others with dignity and respect. We provide simple tools to help you Get Started. We partner on D&R initiatives that help individuals and organizations get and Stay Involved in creating environments for ALL to work, live, learn, and play—with ALL of our differences. We help you Stay Informed about our activities through our website, newsletter, and social media. And, we create recognition for individuals and organizations leading the way.

What began as an internal initiative at UPMC, a health care provider and insurer in Pittsburgh, has become a National Campaign inspiring people across the nation. Today, more than 100 organizations, schools, and communities are engaged with the Dignity & Respect Campaign promoting dignity and respect for self, others, and communities.

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Hundreds of thousands have taken the Pledge. Individuals, organizations, communities, youth, and sports team have taken the steps to get started and are participating in D&R Initiatives. It is through their efforts that Campaign comes to life.

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Our volunteer Advisory Council represents various geographies, industries, and backgrounds. The primary role of the Council is to provide feedback on the direction of the Campaign and its current and future initiatives.

Candi Castleberry Singleton, Founder and Chair

Bracken Burns
Charlie Batch
Chris Bryan
Erica Colonero
Deb Dagit
Robby Gregg
Wendy Lewis
Tanya Odom
Robin Pedrilli
Steve Pemberton
Nereida Perez
Sheila Robinson
Howard Ross
Shari Slate
Darlene Slaughter
Tyrone Stoudermire





All that we do is made possible by our sponsors and partners. We are grateful for our collaboration and for their commitment to make our world a better place.

Campaign & Initiative Sponsors:

UPMC, Founding Sponsor

Cook Ross
Diversity Woman Magazine
Department of Interior
Erie Insurance
International MultiCultural Institute
True Blue Inclusion
Winters Group



Campaign & Initiative Partners:
Best of the Batch Foundation
CPI Creative
Community Elf
Delta Foundation
D&I Practitioners
Expanding Minds LLC
FutureWorks Institute
Human Rights Campaign
Josh Birt Media Productions
Judith Kelly + Associates
NFL Wives – Off the Field
Race to Diversity Magazine
Savoy Magazine
The Wynning Experience