About The Campaign

Our Vision:

To make our world a better place for all to live—with all of our differences by encouraging individuals, organizations, communities, and youth to treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Our Mission:

To unite under a shared belief that everyone deserves dignity and respect by encouraging behavioral change in individuals, communities, schools, and organizations.

Our Story:

In November of 2008, the UPMC Center for Inclusion introduced the Dignity & Respect concept to its employees to promote inclusion through behavioral and organizational change. During rallies in countless hospitals, clinics, and offices, employees were asked to describe “What happens in a workplace where people are treated with dignity and respect?” Common behaviors emerged, and these became the “30 Tips of Dignity & Respect.” Employees voluntarily took a pledge to demonstrate their commitment to practicing these behaviors every day. And the Dignity & Respect Campaign was born!

The Campaign spread rapidly throughout greater Pittsburgh, as the Center partnered with community leaders on multicultural awareness, workforce development, and healthy communities. On Oct. 1, 2009, Pittsburgh’s Mayor issued a proclamation declaring October Dignity & Respect Month, while the Campaign unveiled its website and launched its community initiative with a pledge drive engaging over fifty organizations. The website now serves as the platform for promoting ongoing campaign efforts in Pittsburgh and beyond.

What began as an internal initiative at UPMC expanded to Greater Pittsburgh, Pa. and has become a national campaign inspiring people across the nation. Today, more than 100 organizations, schools and communities are engaged in Dignity & Respect Initiatives focused on “making the world a better place for all to live—with all our differences.”

Join us as we continue on our journey.

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