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The Dignity & Respect Pledge

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I will make our world a better place by treating everyone with dignity and respect.

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The 30 Tips of Dignity & Respect

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Actually, you should sweat the small stuff. Sometimes, it’s the smallest things that make a big impact on you and those around you. Are you doing these things?

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The Dignity & Respect Initiatives

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Can you make a difference? Yes! One act, one contribution, one day can make a big difference. Work with us. Together, we can make the world a better place for all to live—with all of our differences.

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D&R National         Champions

Dr. Maya Angelou: 2011 named Inaugural National Dignity & Respect Champion.

Elsie Hillman: 2013 National Dignity & Respect Champion.

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D&R Spotlight


The Campaign launches the I Will Do My Part Initiative and a change.org petition.
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Campaign founder shares the tenets of the Dignity & Respect Campaign with the MGH Institute community.
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Hear CHARLIE BATCH, former PITTSBURGH STEELER, discuss D&R Sportsmanship.
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7 Pillars of D&R


Watch the online modules or experience the on-site training sessions. Either way, MODELING THE 7 PILLARS of Dignity & Respect within your organization can set them on a path that demonstrates great leadership within and in their surrounding community.

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